Analysis of EUR/USD

Now that the Euro has come off to the target mentioned last week, we can try to finetune the possible end points for the current weakness. Remember again that we are still looking at short term trades.

Elliott Wave analysis of EUR/USD offers one possible end point just below 1.3970 today. That level also coincides with a 70.7% retracement of the prior rally to 1.4186. There is intervening suppport at 1.4006 (being the 61.8% lvl, but I don’t have the courage to try long there). Even buying at 1.3965 area has its risks, because we will be going against the trend. But if one is considering a qucik trade, then it is likely we will find supports between 1.3945 and 1.3968 as good for the day.


  • nadir

    hello mr. ramki, i’m learning to count 5 minute chart. could you pls take a look at my chart and see if it makes any sense.
    thanks, nadir

    • Hello Nadir, Thanks for writing. Unfortunately I get too many requests such as yours, making it hard to keep up. HOwever, just this once for you,,,I think your wave 1 is probably the end of a 3rd wave within the extending third (which itself finished at your wave 5), the long sideways consolidation is wave 4 and wave 5 has just started. Good luck

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