Have you been in a situation where your major investment in a stock or commodity was keeping you awake at night? You had read somewhere, or heard from a well-meaning friend that this was a sure winner, and you went ahead and took a significant exposure. Now you are not so sure. Have you chopped off your own head?

Or suppose you are thinking of taking a large exposure on some stock, commodity or FX pair and you wish to check out if Elliott Waves offer some clues. You would love to hear an expert’s unbiased view, but you didn’t know whom to turn to. Now you have a choice. Imagine how much money you could save if you knew the critical levels and where we are in the Elliott Wave cycle.

My followers include money managers at globally reputed financial institutions and hedge funds. Some of their trading decisions can literally move the markets. After much thought, I’ve decided to take them up on their requests that I offer a personalized consulting service. Whether you are contemplating a new trade or you are worried about an existing position, you now have the opportunity to discuss that with me. It doesn’t matter which market your stock or commodity trades in. I can give you valuable insights that will help you handle your positions with confidence. You can choose one of two options.

(a) A one-hour consultation covering up to two instruments

(b) A personalized set of three or four charts with my comments on what the outlook is from an Elliott Wave point of view

Your Consultant

Unlike other consulting services, there are no mystery consultants at WaveTimes. You will work one-on-one only with me, and benefit from my personal insights gained from the markets over 30 years.

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My Approach

Option (a)

  • This is a one-hour consultation covering up to two instruments (stocks, commodities etc) of your choice.
  • We will discuss your current positions, analyze charts of those instruments and address your doubts and questions from a trading strategy point of view.
  • After each session:  I will post charts and sometimes a video for you to refer back on a secure page only accessible by you and me.

Option (b)

  • Here, I will send you my Elliott Wave Analysis of a single instrument of your choice with comments on where I think we are in the big picture, and what is the most likely direction and extent of the immediate moves.
  • I will send you a set of three or four charts with wave counts and how I would handle the trade if I were in your shoes.
  • Unlike the premium articles where I stay with you until we make some decent profits or get stopped out, this will be a one-time snapshot analysis. There won’t be any follow-up charts or comments.

Unless I am traveling, you should normally expect my analysis to be with you within a day or two of your request.


Option (a) USD 360 (i.e. six credits) viz. one hour of consultation

Option (b) USD 120 (i.e. two credits) for my personalized analysis

Both options offer you

§  Actionable feedback

§  Learning outcomes highlighted

How do I sign-up?

Step 1: If you aren’t a member of our Exclusive Club,  sign up here.

Step 2: Once you have become a member, you will have to purchase either 2 or 6 credits depending on which option you wish to choose

Step 3. Thereafter, in order to ensure we are on the same page, send an email to wavetimes.member @ with the following information at least three days before your desired appointment in case of a Skype consultation

§  Your membership number

§  How many years you have been a trader

§  Names of the instruments that you wish to discuss (no more than two)

§  Your Skype ID

If you have chosen option (b), write me the details of your exposure, the ticker or symbol, which market it trades in and a brief note about what your main questions are about your exposure.


Please be sure to read the following disclaimer