Elliott and Gann is a winning combination!

If many traders are intrigued by Elliott Wave Principle, then it is fair to say that most traders are foxed by Gann. It is fair to say that anyone who can master both Elliott and Gann has with him a very powerful winning combination. In this page, I am going to use the chart of Intel to illustrate the value of Gann analysis.








  • Eddie

    Dear Ramki

    I have bought your e-book on Wave. It’s inspiring and easy to read and understand. Great book indeed as compared to others in the market. Thanks for your effort on it.

    Reading this thread on Gann triggers me to write a short message to you. Will you have intension to write a book on Gann in near future ? Thanks


    • hi Eddie, Thank you for the generous praise. About Gann, to be honest I havent used it for quite sometime and found that I am none the worse off for that negligence. Why add more clutter to our work when we can do well with a few? Infact, my second book is all about having just a few tools in addition to EWP to win in the markets. So Gann will have to wait, and I strongly recommend that you save some time by giving it a go-by!

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