Elliott Wave Charts of USD/CHF Swiss Franc 20120903

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Elliott Wave Charts of USD/CHF Swiss Franc for 3 Sep 2012

by Ramki Ramakrishnan, WaveTimes.net teaches you Elliott Wave trading.

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Elliott Wave Chart of USD/CHF aElliott Wave Chart of USD/CHF bElliott Wave Chart of USD/CHF cElliott Wave Chart of USD/CHF e


  • shafaat

    great work sir……….i really like ur work..
    sir what happen in gold and silve …. when will you post gold Elliott Wave Analysis …

  • Norjufri Nizar Edrus

    In my opinion, your wave 4 looks impulsive in nature, thus resembling more like a C wave rather than a zigzag wave 4. In my re-labeling, wave 3 extends by 138.2% at 0.9309. From there, wave 4 evolves in a running flat whereby wave a is at 0.8567, wave b at 0.9582 and wave c at your original wave 4, hence explaining the impulsive nature of the wave. The wave 4 retraces wave 3 by 38.2%. Waves a and c are also equal in term of price. The final wave extends by 50% of the move from 0-3. The subwaves of the wave 1 has already given a clue about the future waves 3 and 5 that you have on your chart. What is your opinion on this?

    • Hi Norjufri Nizar, Thanks for writing. I have often mentioned that it is possible for several counts to appear valid while a move is unfolding. If you are trading, stick to your own counts until proved wrong. If you are learning, follow my counts and see where it gets invalidated. We shouldnt attach too much importance on being right about the count. Just be aware when and where a count becomes wrong. Good luck.

  • ahmed elyousofy

    Hi Ramki,

    I thank you so much for the best technical analysis using Elliott waves. I am very much looking to be one of your subscribers. I just bought your best book from amazon.com and I loved it very much.
    thank you again Mr. Ramki for being the leader of technical analysts.

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