Elliott Wave Outlook for Tata Steel

My last Elliott wave update on Tata Steel was back on 18th June. Since then, this stock has behaved perfectly from a technical point of view. Once the extended fifth wave was  completed, there was no surprise in the move that followed (and continues to develop). As I have often stated in hese pages, fifth waves can make you rich, especially if you happen to recognize an extending fifth wave. Tata Steel’s extended fifth wave has paved the path for a steep sell off, and investors should be wary of the possibility of a further decline of 20% from current levels. Don’t expect that decline to be a straight line move! What I am saying here is you will find this stock much cheaper in a few months from now. So if you are planning to buy, you shouldn definietly wait. If you are sitting long, then use any recovery to get out.


  • SAJU R

    this tata steel 435 today touched ..big congrats sir

  • Rajendra

    Yes sir TATA Steel Bridge level 435 made a low 418.30 and still today move up like a rocket. Buy same stock for me and my clients too. Thanks Thanks a lot. yes….discipline and determination is a must. Today buy your book stated reading…….Great

  • RainMaker


    Here in Wave 5 the subwave (4) moves deep into the subwave (1). Which is against the cardinal principal of EWP. Are there occasions, when we can take exceptions?

    Or probably chart has been misslabed. Wave (1) ending at 496. Still with this labeling I am unable to count further, Wave (2) as marked by you- does not fit anywhere.

    You guidance will help.

    • Rainmaker, I wonder if you have had the chance to read my book “Five waves etc”. Chapter 9 covers this phenomenon in detail.

      • RainMaker

        Unfortunately, not until now.

        Still I am going thru your previous posts and collecting the charts which provides unique perspectives and enhances the understanding.

        This site is a great treasure trove for EWP enthusiasts.

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