Elliott Wave update on Chevron Corp

Ramki’s Elliott Wave Analysis of Chevorn Corporation (NYSE:CVX) appeared in Forbes yesterday.


  • Friedrich

    Hi Mister Ramki
    cant you please make updates on E/$ more often ?

    Have a nice day

  • sachin S Divakar

    sir shanghai composite is near to bottom as per wave count one last leg to downside
    is pending pls .check

  • Bob

    I’d like to suggest a reader/follower/subscriber forum in which we identify investment ideas (equities, currencies, commodities) and after labeling a basic chart (with what we perceive to be correct) submit it to the forum for others to view and comment on. Collective thinking can/should out-weight individual ideas. After all, trading ideas are why we are all here…and the better ones (Sir Ramki could/might comment on our perception) could be enjoyed by many. Many eyes have many advantages.

    • Bob

      We could further the effort by breaking down areas of expertise. I thoroughly enjoy U.S. equities and would submit charts based on my favorites. Others could focus on Gold or Silver while others on Corn,Wheat…or Oil. We collectively could cover many areas and use the forum to advance our EW education as well as develop new skills in alternate investments. We’d become “well rounded”

    • Bob, Thank you for that suggestion. I had actually put in place a forum, but found that (a) it was being spammed and hence required time to block the spammers regularly (b) I was getting no spare time for myself. Let me think about it again.

  • fiscal

    That would be nice. All posts need to be endorsed by you sir. (or by Bob!)

  • nadir236

    thank you mr. ramki for this timely analysis of chevron. 5th wave looks like an ending diagonal on your daily chart. chevron is one of the heighest weighted stocks in the dow just after ibm. can you imagine the damage it would do to the dow or s&p once the correction starts. this is a very good sell signal for the coming collapse in the dow/spx.

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