Elliott Waves signal Home Depot correction

Ramki’s Elliott Wave analysis of Home Depot Inc (NYSE:HD) appears on Forbes today


  • Joe

    Hi Ramki

    didnt know where to ask..so trying here. The ETFs gold miners gdx – if I read correctly are in wave 2 after impulse wave 1. Can you confirm that. Etf trades on US markets. I am assuming I can apply wave principle for ETFs as well. Thanks if you can guide me here.


  • sebastian Di Giorgio

    Are you stil bearish on the S&P. Have your views changed on the count of June 11 2012

  • Maggie

    Hi Ramki
    First i just want to thank you for sharing so much with us. My comment is really a question . I would like to ask you where/how you find these worst performing stocks on the DJI such as Home Depot? Please forgive me for asking such an elementary question as i am new to EWP and trading .


    • Hi Maggie, thank you for your question. Let me assure you that I have asked even more elementary questions when I was learning. I get my information from professional services such as Bloomberg or Thomson Reuters. but I am sure you can do a web search and get the same results. For example, yahoo finance has Top Movers listed quite clearly….

  • Karuna Kanagaratnam


    Hope all is well. I have two questions.

    1) Is it possible that Home Depot hasn’t completed wave 5 and may go higher before correcting?

    2) What do you think of Tony Caldaro of view that we are still in a bull market with 1499 year end target?



    • Hi Karuna,
      (a) Anything is possible. We just have to trade our view with appropriate stops.
      (b) I am aware that some other reputed analysts are bullish. As you know, there are points in time when two counts are admissible. We will know which is right only later on. As of now, I am comfortable sticking to my views.

      • Itclegacy

        Hi Ramki,
        I bought your book which is very enlightening. I follow your comments with great attention. So I have bought puts on HD with Nov. 12.

        • Itclegacy

          Sorry a mistake happens that I couldn’t write in order in last reply. So could you please update your counts on HD whether the 5 wave count has now been completed or is the new move ABC move?
          Another request would be the count on CAD USD? Could you please share EW counts and graphs? Many thanks regards Ibrahim

  • sebastian

    Can you update the chart on the S&p . Where are we on the count now. Do you believe that 1267 was the bottom? ) Are we still waiting for the big C down soon. thanks

  • San

    Dear Ramki,

    Based on your interview on Forbes Market Blaster you mentioned about the C wave to 1060. Are you still expecting it to happen if yes then by when it will occur. Will it happen this year or in 2013?

    Thanks for your response in advance.

  • Steve

    Hi Ramki

    Thank you for answering my last question. Your answer has helped me cofirm my target for SPX. Your book has changed my EW counting to be, count “target” focussed.
    Would you indulge me to suggest my targets for SPX, which align with your double zig zag count. c & 2 = 1391 – 1405 range
    The market will let us know.
    Eagerly awaiting your new book


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