Update on EUR/USD

This is a daily chart of EUR/USD
This is a daily chart of EUR/USD

The Euro has been in an uptrend for a while and looks it can reach the 1.3920/30 level this time. Observe how I have drawn the Fibonacci ratio from a top that has been cropped and placed in line with prior key levels. You could then seek other confirmations on where the initial target can be anticipated. Good luck.


  • hemant gupta

    dear mr. ramki, I am very impressed with you elliot wave analysis of s&p and some currencies. Would you have some time to look at the wave structure of some indian stocks like godrej industries, united breweries and kingfisher airlines.

  • Hello Hemant, I will try to look up some of these stocks. As you know, this blog is only a hobby as I am a full-time treasury manager. Good luck.

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