EURUSD update as we approach target

The EUR/USD is approaching the target mentioned a few days back. Take a look at the attached chart. Wave C of the irregular correction is in the final extended 5th wave, and the 100% level comes bang on at the 1.3535 area. Failure there will see a very fast paced sell off initially to 1.3365, but in the bigger picture, it could come a long way down.


  • Patt

    Thanks Ram for sharing. The price has come to 1.3538 amazingly right at the 100% area. I missed the ride up but will ride the down wave now.
    I prefer when you put a shorter time frame chart like this.
    Have a great day.

  • Ali

    Hi Ramki, its amazing how you got nailed this call so accurately, to the pip…….But whats really mind blowing, is that you had this pin pointed almost 3 or 4 days back.

    Best Regards,

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