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Five Waves to Financial Freedom is a book written by Ramki Ramakrishnan to help traders and investors learn the techniques of Elliott Wave Analysis. After reading this richly illustrated book, you would be able to start applying some of his methods almost immediately, and very soon, you will be able to transform your trading results in a positive way.

A huge thanks to all readers of this blog, the book is finished and published on Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble.

IT IS NOW AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD, even those places not covered by Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

After reading the book, if you think it is worth the price you paid for it, and it helps you in your trading/investing activity, please do me the following favors:
(a) Post a review, including giving it whatever STAR rating you think it deserves
(b) If you would like to make this book a best seller, please inform as many friends as you can, via your own Blog, Facebook and Twitter, of course with your recommendations! (If you have any critical review, please let me know first :)-
(c) Most important, start applying the techniques you have learned from the book to really transform your trading. Best of luck!

Here are the links:

If you are located in the US, UK or Germany you can buy the book here:
or at : Barnes & Noble

If you are located anywhere else in the world, then you can buy the book here


  • Saeed

    Hi Ramki, Congratulations of releasing the book. I was wondering if its possible to share the Table of Contents of the book. Thanks,

  • Praveen Vishnu Shamain

    Dear Mr. Ramki,

    Congratulations. Thanks as well for sharing your knowledge through your book.

    I just have one question for you regarding this book. Will paperback edition be available any time in the future ? Right now both publishers are offering the book only in digital format.

    Thanks in advance.

    With Regards,

    • Hi Praveen, I am not planning on a paperback in the near future. However, you do not need any device to read it. You can download the free “kindle for PC” application from the internet and read it on your computer.

  • Kunal Sharma

    My hearty congratulation to you Ramki on your new book. I sincerely wish that this book goes on to be a bestseller! Further i thank you for taking time out to write this book which i am sure would be immensely valuable to me as fellow trader and Elliot wave learner. Thanks Again.

  • Sidharth

    Hello Sir ,
    Just got the book from Amazon .
    Many Congratulations to you.
    I am really enjoying reading It.
    Thanks again for giving us such a powerful
    tool in such a simple and easy form.



  • Jim

    Ramki, just purchased your book. Kindle for pc is a snap. Never used it before but will from now on. Best of luck to you and thank you for sharing your knowledge. Cheers.

  • Ashutosh Ghuley

    Thank you Ramki ! I am a student of Elliott wave analysis and I am sure your book will help me a lot ! Congratulations and Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • bhavesh

    hi sir, congrats on your new book,
    i will add e wave as a tool to my way of analysis after i read your book 4-5 times.
    i am here,
    i feel 4538 will see a very strong rally for nifty any comments ?

  • Manish Garg


    A Big Congratulations, just bought the bible from Amazon, hope to read it by evening to start with. Thanks once again and all the best.



    Congratulations. Thanks as well for sharing your knowledge through your book


  • Dina

    Hi sir:
    bought your book on Amazon, but i am not used to to read like that…i also did not find any option to print this book on kindle. Can you suggest if i am missing any link to print all the 1066 pages of the book. that will be huge help…


    • Hi Dina, This eBook cannot be printed, I am afraid. I imagine you are reading this in a small device. Why dont you download the free application called “Kindle for PC” from the internet. Then register that application using the same email address that you purchased the book with. WIthin a few moments, you should be able to read the book also on your large screen. Let me know if you are successful in that.

      • Dina

        I have downloaded the Kindle application for my Laptop, and reading there. but i will have to make a habit of reading like this:) which i am not used too..that is why i asked if there is any print options…oops missed its not 1066 pages…actually that is Locations:)


  • Sridhar

    Purchased the book earlier this evening, good read thus far !! Still grappling with the intricacies of corrective waves though and trying to apply it to the Nifty index.

    I’ll try and put up a review once I have digested the contents of the book. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us !!

  • Tushar

    Hi Ramky,

    Bought your book. Its great to read Elliott wave representation that is simple, practical and effective. You should also think of having a Trader’s camp.


  • pruthvi

    Dear sir,
    please suggest me how to download your book?

  • arvind chari

    Dear Mr Ramki,

    congratulations, will certainly read the book to get my first insights into wave theory and its application.. until now your blog was my only source of ‘technincal analysis’.. if anything, i hope to atleast understand and appreciate the quality of your posts..

    like the name of the book!

  • Buzz

    CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD FORTUNE on being published:
    This very old latin phrase says it all. (Nos teneo quis nos operor ignoro) “We know, what we do not know” Therefore, one seeks answers to puzzling questions when one attempts to accumulate wealth by investing or trading in markets. But what one doesn’t know about investing or trading, often ends up hurting you. Knowledge is the key and Ramki has coalesced important strategies (tried and true)within this ebook. Some pay thousands to learn the “secrets” of investing. Ramki brings 20 plus years of experience, compiles key aspects of Elliott Wave analysis, and passes that knowledge on to would be investors for $10. A marvelous read with current examples and strategies that can be immediately applied. “Five Waves to Financial Freedom” is worth 100 times the $10 price. This truly is “rights of passage” Thank you Ramki your ebook is priceless.

  • Yan

    Hi Ramki,

    Congratulations on your first book, I have just bought the Kindle for PC edition. will start reading it today. Must say I am very impressed with how quickly you have produced this book. Many thanks for the hard work, well done!


  • Mani


    where i get this book in chennai?

    • Hello Mani, you Can only buy the book from either or Barnes and Noble website. There is currently no paper version of the book. Only electronic version, which you can download and read on a PC or mobile devices like iPad, kindle, nook, blackberry etc

  • Rajeev Juneja

    Ramki Sir,

    Is it possible to buy an edition for my PC/laptop or only Kindle version is available. I humbly request you to give the weblink for the same if available. Thanks.

  • P.Brugeshwara

    I bought your book today on kindle. I just have one question..what tool do you use to analyze it a paid one or do you get free ones..can you give me some suggestions on this if it is not too much trouble?

    • Thanks for your question. I will be writing a detailed post today, Go to the link:
      On the right hand side you will see a box that says “Read books on your computer or other mobile devices ”
      From there download for free an application “Get Kindle for PC” . Install that on your PC and register that by using the same email address that you have for your Amazon account. When you buy the book, you can have it delivered immediately to your PC.
      Later on, if you also have an iPad, or a Blackberry, or an iPhone or an Andoid phone, you can download teh other Kindle application for free and install there. The Book will then be available for free on ALL of these devices, so you can read it even in the office, or in the Train, or flight. WHats even better is it will automatically sync to the place you stopped reading in one place. So if you had stopped at page 23 on your PC, and open it in your office, it will go directly to page 23.

      Last point. Although in the US the price is 9.99, I believe Amazon charges $2 more in India for deliver! Soorry about that!

      Let me know once you have purcahsed it.

      • Piyush

        Hi Ramki you have mentioned On the right hand side you will see a bok that says “Read books on your computer or other mobile devices ”From there download for free an application “Get Kindle for PC” .
        I am unable to find the said link for download of “Get Kindle for PC”. Alternatively would have happy to get Indian version in paper back edition or in pdf version.

    • Hi Brugeshwara, As explained in the book, you don’t need any special software to do Elliott Wave analysis. Just learn how to compute the various targets and use a simple calculator and any of the free charts available on the internet. I used Reuters software, but you really dont need it!

  • Tony

    Hi Ramki,

    This is Tony from Mumbai, I was a self student of Psychology some years back, when it dawned to me that PEOPLE also act in waves.(their results, never in a straight line) And I swore to find that wave pattern.
    When my friend introduced me to the stock market in 2008, I was very surprised to find that stock charts also had a wave pattern. Since 2008 I have been self learning finance and economics and have read literally 100’s of blogs, articles, podcasts on finance including EWP principles, but never a practical handbook.

    FINALLY, after so many years, I HAVE FOUND WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR.
    Someone to teach me wave patterns. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this GIFT.

    I have just bought this book, and WILL READ and STUDY this book,
    IN A WAVE PATTERN, as I am HUMAN :):):)

    God Bless,

  • nadir

    Hello Mr. Ramki, I was looking forward to reading your book once it becomes available, but I am having some difficulty buying it. I tried placing an order at B&N, but they only accept cards from the US and Canada. I also tried to buy it from Amazon today but it wasn’t available in my region (middle east). If you have suggestions, pls let me know. Thanks, Nadir


    Hi, Ramki,

    Thanks for the book which i bought today, I am sure it will help me to build good porfolio in comming days.

  • John Dobrowolski

    Dear Mr. Ramki,
    I just wish to express my sincere Thanks! to You for publishing your wealth of knowledge in this wonderful book. I just downloaded it to my Kindle PC and cannot wait to jump in!
    Best Wishes, – John

  • Anand Srinivasan

    Just bought your book on Amazon and finished it. Fantastic work, only regret is I wish I had this a few years ago…. 🙂

    Thank you for your efforts in bringing out this book and making it so cheap and accessible to everyone… Im sure that reading it many times over and applying will go a long way in helping my trading….

    Well keep our fingers crossed for a second one..

    Thanks again

    Anand Srinivasan……

  • Rajendra

    Yes I read lots of book & done two to three courses related share market but no one gives me proper idea or advice. Done heavy expenses but the price of Ramki sir’s book I think we got GOLD in Turmeric (haldi) price. Following Ramki sir more than one year. Bcoz of lots of bad experience in previous myself only read the blog & its comments. Recently nifty achieved its target as well as TATA Steel too, mean while sirs book came read same and I am realized why nifty take One year to achieve 4800. Most of advisors give past chart or past experience but I got real method and Live achievement only by Ramki sir. Really Ganpati Bappa gives me real gift….


    I have gone through part of the book. It is really a nice book giving certain practical ideas which one cannot get any where, at least the books I had gone through (Prechter, Neely). I got many things cleared from this book. Not only the ideas but the way it is presented is really commendable. The impulse waves are quite nicely explained with many examples.

  • indigo

    I bought your book and reached the “Rules of the game” Tried to implement it on the DFM Index Chart Starting from the March 2011 bottom i started marking.

    I marked end of wave 5 at the end of April 2011 end, but when i tried to apply the rule “Wave 3 can never be the shortest impulse wave” it didn’t work (March 15 to March end). Please advise what i need to do next or you could you mark the DFM index chart.

    • Indigo, Thank you for your comment. I have posted a chart today to help you out. Remember, some rules cannot be broken, and if it seems your count is violating a rule, try to find a new count that will allow the rules to work! Good luck.


    Can you please define how do one define a wave. I mean what changes on the underlying price and or time frame required, which will lead to define a wave.

  • Santosh

    Hi Ramki,
    I have purchased your Book from web site. When i downloaded the book received “FiveWavestoFinancialFreedom.acsm” file having 2 KB in size. even i have downloaded “Kindle for PC” from Can you please help me out how to open this book. I am confused with size of file which only 2 KB and type is .ascm. Your quick help would be appericitated.

    • Hi Santosh, please download the free “adobe digital editions” software from the Internet. Register it with the same email address you used to purchase the book fom infibeam. Then try opening the book you have downloaded. It should work then. Kindle for PC is a program you need if you buy the book from Amazon.good luck

  • Dan

    Hi Ramki,
    I am impressed by your posts.
    Reallistically speaking, how long and how much dedication (length of time and hours per day, for example) would it take for a neophyte to learn the Elliott Wave system and be able to apply it succesfully (at a satisfactory level)? Is it something that everybody can learn, and even those who are not the brightest could achieve?
    It is worth mentioning here that I have gone and explored other websites with content related to EWS and none of them writes about it so clearly as you. You are a real master.
    ps: is there any website in particular that you would advice to use for drawing the fibonacci levels?

    • Hi Dan, Learning Elliott waves is possible for anyone who has been to high school. How long before one can apply it? It depends on how serious a learner you are. Could be from a few days to a few weeks. However you should practice often and paper trade with your counts and see the results. No, I don’t know of any website re Fibonacci ratios, but my next book should cover it adequately. Good luck.

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