Five Waves to Financial Freedom

“Five Waves to Financial Freedom” is now available ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Do you wish to Transform Your Trading in a positive way? Then you should learn how to use Elliott Wave Analysis. There is no better way for you to determine “where” we are in a trend, and what the low risk trading opportunities along the way are.

In this easy to use book, Ramki Ramakrishnan teaches you the techniques that he has used for nearly 30 years. There are numerous real-life and current examples. As one reader describes it, some of the set-ups are still unfolding. At an unbelievable price, this book is set to become the next standard of reference for most traders around the world. Whether you are trading Forex, Stocks, Commodities or Bonds, Five Waves to Financial Freedom is a must-have book.

Check out the reader reviews before you buy! And browse this blog. You will soon see what you are missing out!

If you are based in the US, UK or Germany, you can buy the book from either or Barnes & Noble

However, if you are based anywhere else, you should be able to buy the book from

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  • valter

    Very good book!It deserves all money!Thank you!

    • Hi Valter, thank you. Just to clarify, this book needs to sell a few hundred thousand copies if we talk of serious money. That is impossible given the specialized nature of the subject. I wrote the book because I wanted to leave my mark on the Elliott Wave landscape, and not for the tiny royalty I get!

  • Ziz

    I have read this book a few times now and all i can say is that this book is great! I still use this as a manual almost every time there is a problem regarding my analysis. However I was wondering if there would more books by the author to come? At least for those who read FWTFF and want to get deeper in Ramki style EWP.

  • manju

    I am a short term trader, can we apply your principles in the book to them. and i just found some free ebook links. have u legally made it free. and hats off to the point that you want to leave ur
    mark on the Elliott Wave landscape to the world

  • juangalo

    Very good book,clear and up to the point. I have a question, does the principles in the book apply to all kind of investable assets, for example , VIX futures?thanks.

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