GBP/USD short term targets met

It all seems so simple after the move!
But fortune does favor the brave.
Go back to the last two days’ updates and see how you could use Elliott Wave analysis to trade effectively. Ramki

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  • mika


    Easy to see if afterwards.

    British crosses make series of ABC movements up in fact for several days where possilble “B” wave broke all the time for contracting triangles, which where also shorted down after each movement fully 3 up movements and not with so small pips. For example after thursday US stockmarket closing after “third” run it came down allmost 100 pips (Gbp-Jpy), but all these bigger degrees were pinpointing higher.

    It seems it is expensive to undervalue daily chart retracement level of 61.8 which most often do actually end significant waves, while in shorter timeframes they are taken out all the time but with daily chart not so easily anymore. That is how eurodollar turned also originally, with 0 pip error.

    Old golden mean is still there 😉

    Good charts btw. in your page, in fact very good by EW point of view.

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