Give Indian IT Stocks More Room On The Downside

Ramki’s Elliott Wave analysis of Infosys Technologies Limited (INFY) appears on Seeking Alpha today


  • Matthew Dixon

    Hi Ramki
    I like your style and I believe you give the right perception of EW by not being too dogmatic. What is your belief as to why EW and fibo relationships work?

    • Hi Matthew, The Wave Prinviple and the Fibonacci Series represent the rhythm of man’s response to outside influences. The important point to note is people try to relate stock market behavior to current events, not realizing that these current events have nothing whatsoever to do with future market performances.Stock market movement is due to psychological factors, and the EWP and Fib series capture them well.

  • Dr Sanjay Pote

    Dear Ramky Sir, Ihe Nifty is not showing any clear trend for last 1 month. Is it trading in
    the form of corrective triangle? or is it correcting in a-b-c x- a-b-c form? If so then where should we expect the final leg down? Pl give your valuable guidance on the above and also about the short term perspective on the Nifty.
    Thanks in advance
    Dr Sanjay Pote.

    • HI Dr Sanjay, As you correctly pointed out, there is no clear signal just now. Minor support at 5150. Lets wait and decide what to do after the market starts moving

  • hemin

    sir please please….. know me about TATAMOTORS wave count(daily and weekly chart) i want to learn were i am wrong in w.c ( i know you have very busy schedule
    take your time and give updates when you get time)


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