How Elliott Wave Analysis anticipated higher Copper prices

Copper prices are in the news again. The Wall Street Journal reports that Chinese data takes the credit for this. Chinese imports of refined copper rose by 2.4% in June from a month ago.. Copper’s fortunes are closely tied to China, which accounts for 45% of global copper consumption. As fans of Elliott Wave analysis, you might wonder if this approach was able to anticipate these moves. The answer is a resounding yes.


Back in November of 2016, a client had approached me for consultation on Copper, and I had sent him the analysis that you can download from this link: Comex Copper Analysis

You can go back and check out how prices moved since that date, and I am sure you will be impressed with what Elliott Waves could accomplish. his was then followed up with another analysis in January, and I reproduce the charts for your learning.



Thus, it is possible to trade with an edge when you include Elliott Wave analysis in your armory.

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  • alexas

    Hello Dear teacher Ramki!
    I also see rallies for a long time for all raw materials and goods. For copper, my markings are the same).
    I would be grateful if you write an article on my website on the main page for Russians, and of course our first business is oil and everyone is interested in the forecast of oil, I’m waiting for oil 70-80 $. I recommend everyone to your book “Five waves to Financial Freedom”, but unfortunately it is in English.

    • Ramki Ramakrishnan

      Alexas, Thank you for posting your comment. I am glad that your wave count corresponds to mine. The next step is to translate a wave count into profitable trades. And I wish you good luck in that endeavor.

  • Namaste Sir,

    I have read your book five waves to financial freedom a 50 times approx.. Its been Bhagwat gita for my trading life. Thanks for such a wonderful gift to us.

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