India dreams on while China wakes up

BSEN17Aug09Sure, India now has a stable government in place. But listen up, folks. Are we not getting ahead a bit too soon too far? After all, the news from the weather man has been anything but exciting, with a failed monsson. Add to that the swine flu problem, not to mention the quarrel between the Ambani brothers, and one starts wondering what the hell is the Sensex doing up here. Sell your stocks before your cousins wake up!


  • Milind

    “…one starts wondering what the hell is the Sensex doing up here” – I agree exactly with this!..
    see this news:
    note these points:
    “Only 7% of the total number of countries are worth putting your money on. And India is one of them.”
    “Roubini, now so influential, indicates that 100% of the world’s gigantic pile of money created in a few months, ought to go to 7% of the world’s economies. That’s a helluva lot of money pumping up a helluva small number of things in our backyard. ”

  • Anil

    It is irrelevant it means India will become hell expensive :-))
    There is end to every greed
    American greed lead to credit crunch and foreclousers
    They have not yet learnt the lessons and they will go to abyss in years to come losing their power. The process has begun.
    Where will INDIAN greed and cheating lead?
    We neither being world power nor capable to be one nor financially strong and so huge economic disparaties will be the worst case to fall
    or credit crunch?
    Or scams?
    Or market busts?
    or blood revolution?
    Only time will tell but one of this is bound to happen

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