"Nothing shameful about weak Euro" – FT

The Financial Times editorial of Monday 17th May is emphatic: a weak Euro will boost the eurozone’s export competitiveness, and hence should be welcomed. If this wisdom becomes accepted widely, then there need be no fear of intervention, and the markets could sell on every corrective bounce until the technical targets below 1.1700 are reached.


  • dinesh

    sir, it has been a while since you gave your elliott wave count with charts for sensex, pls do let us know, thankyou, God bless.


    Dear Ramki,

    I am a regular follower of your trading strategies. I appreciate and thank you for sharing your view about various market through your website.
    I like to know by when we can expect Sensex correction towards 13000 levels. Any time frame can you suggest?
    And also would like to know about EURUSD, do you think a bounce anytime soon we can expect towards 1.2800 levels?


  • Hello Krishna
    Elliott Wave analysis is more useful in anticipating the direction of a move and perhaps the likely limits of a move. The time frame for a move is usually more difficult to figure out and is often incorrect.

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