Video Log: Elliott Wave Analysis of TCS by Ramki

Elliott Wave Analysis of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) stock presented by Ramki of Wave Times
Hello, welcome to another unique presentation by Ramki Ramakrishnan, the Elliott Wave Specialist. You will see here how Ramki uses his unique techniques to analyze the stock of Tata Consultancy Services or TCS. Feel free to share with your friends and to post your comments on


  • Keyur

    sirji, amazing…. thanks for sharing your precious knowledge with us!!!!

  • Vijay Simha

    Hi Ramki,

    Good to see your viewpoint on TCS. I feel it has finished 4 and is now in 5 up. The last few chops up and down were 1-2, i-ii of 3 of 5 up.

    Let’s see how it pans out. Cheers,

  • Praveen Vishnu Shamain

    Hi Ramki,

    Thank you very much for your *teaching*.

    I learnt a lot from your video teaching on SBI & TCS.

    If your time permits, can you please provide us your views on INFOSYS TECH (video mode)?

    Thanks in advance.

    With Regards,
    Praveen V. Shamian

  • K P Ganesh

    Mr. Ramki. I’ve two questions.

    How do you interpret a freak price movement and count it as part of a wave. For eg. Ashok Leyland stock has some couple of freak price movements in it. And I find that these freak price actions occurring more in the mid-cap stocks.

    Secondly, Mark Galashewski of Elliott Wave Analysis – Asia Pacific forecast had in his Asia Pacific Financial forecast (forwarded by Rohit Srivastava of Sharekhan who runs another website on markets using Elliott Wave theory called INDIACHARTS) letter stated that the fall in Nifty from 6338.50 is a 3 wave (A-B-C) down move. Just by using the 62% retracement calculation of the 5 wave move from 4675.40 low on Feb08,2010 to the 6338.50 peak on Nov08,2010 gives us 5307.70, which is where Nifty has closed (5310) on a weekly basis Feb11,2011 though it did make a low of 5177.70 on the same day. Does this mean that the markets have bottomed out and are on their way up into a wave 3 of some kind from here on, which might lead to an extension in the 5th wave.

    • Hi Ganesh, (1) you have kindled my curiosity. Let me look at Ashok Leyland tomorrow and see what I can make of it. Any ‘freak’ move needs to be explained by our count. (2) I usually don’t read other technical comments in order to retain my own originality. Only time will tell which is the right count. It is more important to make money with the analysis than getting the count right. Wave Times aims to help traders with this goal. When I am wrong, I am so fabulously wrong that it often pays to have a stop & reverse! But I am not wrong very often…

  • Parikshit Bhinde

    Hello Ramki,

    I have recently taken interest in EWP and am having a good learning experience reading your book. I had a look at the video and now that more than 12 months have passed since you made the prediction in the video I am startled to see the downturn in the stock price of TCS almost as much as you had predicted. You estimated that it would come down to 830 levels, however, the price took support at 900. Is this a case of Fib retracements just being tendencies? Do round numbers like 900 get in the way of expected retracements often? Thanks for the generosity while sharing this knowledge.

    • Hi Parikshit, Fibonacci ratios are an aid in wave analysis. The goal of all analysis is to allow us to be on the right side of the market for most of the time. Good luck with your pursuits.

      • Parikshit Bhinde

        Thank you for the reply. Although I am still at chapter 4 of the book, I couldn’t help looking down till the last pages, where I observed that you have referred to this video and its follow up. Very useful indeed.

  • ankit sandhu

    hello ramki,
    i just read your book n its totally straightforward and till this time the easiest to understand that to super quick. and i have a question too. As m seeing this analysis today which was done in 2011. i think as the 3 wave had a irregular correction i think 5 extended wave also had a irregular correction which made a high at 1246.95 on 6 April 2011. if there can be 2 extensions??? can there be 2 irregular corrections in 1 single big 5 wave move?? what can be the reason to not take it as irregular correction??

    looking foreword to your reply
    thank you for writing this book

    • Hi Ankit, 1. Yes there can be 2 extensions in a five wave sequence 2. Usually, one correction is simple and the other correction is complex. 3. Start thinking in terms of how you could use waves to trade. Wave counts change with time as new information arrives. Your success depends on how you see current information to manage your positions. Good luck

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