Why do we make trading so hard for ourselves?

We make it hard because we often forget that we need a low risk trading strategy. Read this short piece on MarketWatch.


  • dennis elam

    Do you have an update on the SPX elliott wave count, you previously suggested 1427 ast a short term top

  • danish

    Just completed Ramki sir’s book, a superb book , i had read the manual Key To Market Behaviour by FROST and PRETCHER, so find Ramki’s book quite easy to understand for the beginners……………. hope we get some more books from RAMKI sir, and gain something from his immense experience………….
    At last, Must Read book for all who are interested in EWT


  • Dinesh


    I am not yet a student of EWT. For my swing trades, I use only MAs, ADX, Price ROC, MACD and CCI etc.

    Do I need some experience in FibGrids before start learning EWT? Which is a book fully devoted to Fib analysis?

    So far, I have read only Martin Pring books and nothing else.


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