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What is an edge?

An edge is a system that, if followed diligently over several tries, will give you a tremendous advantage over the other players. Applied properly, Elliott Wave Analysis offers you that edge . It is not a get-rich-quick scheme! It involves having a strategy, and being patient until the right set-up comes along. By joining the exclusive community of WaveTimes members, you will give yourself that all important edge.


Ramki Ramakrishnan is the founder of WaveTimes.com and author of the best selling book “Five Waves to Financial Freedom“. A graduate of Delhi University, Ramki went on to win the Lombard Association Prize as the worldwide topper at the International Banking Examinations of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, London. He has worked at Bank of America, Standard Chartered Bank and JP Morgan as a trader, regional relationship manager for Central Banks and FX analyst respectively before moving on to senior management positions at regional banks in the Middle East. He was also hired by a hedge fund in New York to advise one of the world’s richest men. In addition to mentoring aspiring traders and investors from around the world, he serves as a strategic advisor to high-net-worth individuals, CEOs and CFOs. He has been featured as a business expert by Forbes, CNBC, Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters, His analysis has appeared on The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, Great Speculations in Forbes, Economic Times and Seeking Alpha. He is also the author of Dividend Growth Investing using Elliott Wave Analysis.

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Here are two books that will help you get started

Five Waves to Financial Freedom

Dividend Growth Investing Using Elliott Waves


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