1. I suggest a target to 1.10-1.11 from 1.4845(peak of the head) beginning of May 2011 (Weekly chart Head & Shoulder) ( Price are not spot but futures)

  2. Ramki, I love your work. It is incredibly eye opening, and I thank you for it. Is there anyway of getting your book by pdf. If not, I’ll get the kindle one soon. Cheers.

    1. Hi Wahid, afraid the book is available with Amazon as Kindle book, or with Infibeam as a DRM enabled pdf which means you can’t print it!

  3. Hi Ramki,
    Could you share how did you come up with 1.2730/35 as one of the targets for the fourth wave of the EUR/USD? Still learning the art of EW.

    1. Hi Peter, One way is to compute 123.6% of the move from 1.2434 to 1.2671 and add the result to 1.2441.This will work if we get a relief rally for some reason

  4. Hi sir,

    It look like there are no extensions from 2 to 3. I marked v as iii, and was looking for iv to finish, instead of 4. Can you please explain why your counting is like this?

    Best regards,

  5. Ramki, your blog is very informative and insightful. Although I’m not a big fan of Elliot wave analysis I respect your work and your confidence in making bold predictions. I have studied Elliot waves but find there is too much ‘interpretation’ needed to make trading decisions. I prefer classical technical analysis. By a curious coincidence I find that the levels you come up with using Elliot waves usually (80% of the time) are the same that are indicated by simple technical analysis. I welcome you to check out my blog at zenfxtrader.wordpress.com. It’s more a trading diary than analysis, still I do put in some analysis most times.

  6. hi ramki ,
    we dont see your comments on gold.

    how do you see it performing with the greek crisis. pls give your short & medium term view

    1. HI Jason, Yes,I wish I could regularly cover all asset classes, but am unable to keep up given my full time job. Briefly, I havent changed my view about Gold in the bigger picture. Sub 1400 sometime! HOwever, will try and do an update soon.

  7. Hello Ramki

    I would like to ask a question not about Elliott Theory.
    So far I have been trading only futures. Recently I began to mark the charts of US stocks and because this question is appeared.
    In the U.S. market is trading stocks a lot of companies. How are you choosing the stocks for trading? Are there any quantitative criteria for this, for example revenue or number of outstanding shares or volume of trade or something else?

    Thank you for answer

    1. Alexander, thank you for your question. Unfortunately, I dont have time to do a proper scan of all stocks, and am sure a lot of good opportunities are being missed. I currently deal with the most prominent stocks that are in the news for the sake to sharing my knowledge. When it comes to trading, some research will surely help to identify prime candidates.

  8. Ramki,

    Looks like your prediction of a high in the mid 1.27s was spot on, what would you look for to determine whether this was the end of wave 4 and thus beginning of wave 5 or alternatively that the larger corrective 4 is still on going?


    1. Hi Peter, Thank you. Just to reaffirm that I used exactly the same techniques taught in my book to determine the sell in EURURSD at 1.2730 area

  10. Dear Ramki,
    I just want to say that it was really A Low Risk Trade in EURUSD
    We went up to your SELL order level at 1.2730/35 and Hi was 1.2746 where you expected the market to selloff and we are already at 1.2557 it means around 175 pips in the money with the same day in this LOW RISK TRADE. waht a nice call

    Again & again you are surprising everyone with your wonderful work.
    Weldone Ramki……Please Keep It Up My Dear Friend

  11. Hi Ramki, the EURUSD has today made a rebound back to above 1.27 level. Is the Elliot Wave count still valid and on target to 1.22 level?

    Appreciate your kind view. Thanks!

  12. HI, Ramki! It was perfect low risk entry once EUR/USD bounced to 1.2743 as top of wave 2. It was spot on. Congrats!

    Wave 3 is ongoing.

    My question is – after wave 5 has reached about 1.2270/30, will EUR/USD has the potential to rebound to top of wave 1 as part of correction or will it stop around top of wave 4(which has not yet formed – I know it is too premature to ask)?

    1. Hi Ajoy, We should take this one step at a time, or any errors will be compounded. Besides, the discussion will become adcademic instead of practical

  13. Dear Ramki,

    You were dead right on spotting the sell area of 1.2730-35 and thereafter we would resume the 5th wave of sell off( which we are in the current phase). I am interested to know if around 1.2250 and below is a good area to go long on Euro? If yes, then what should be my stop loss.

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