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About Us

What is WaveTimes?

WaveTimes is a Research Organization dedicated to providing original analysis, reports, reviews and insights on developments in mutual funds, stocks, investing, foreign exchange, commodities and bonds. The main approach we use for our insights is the Elliott Wave Analysis. We do so without conflict of interest and bias.

We focus on original analysis. That is, all our articles are based only on original thought and detailed analysis by its author. All statements made will reflect the three decades of relevant financial market experience of the author, Ramki Ramakrishnan. His expertise in all forms of Technical Analysis, and especially in using the Elliott Wave approach is well known throughout the financial world.

What do we do?

As a Research Organization, we strive to provide credible, transparent, inclusive, and accurate views with integrity.

We will not publish any kind of paid articles, promotions or PR, satire or opinions without data. All opinions presented will only be inferences based on the author’s experience using Technical Analysis, and especially Elliott Wave Analysis.

WaveTimes was founded in May 2008 and serves readers from around the world. Its users include leading International Banks and Hedge Fund Managers.

About Ramki

Founder and Managing Director

Ramki Ramakrishnan is the founder, managing editor and primary author of WaveTimes. He follows strict journalistic integrity as defined by the organization’s Policies and Standards.

Ramki Ramakrishnan is the CEO at WaveTimes Management, a SEBI Registered Research Analyst. He has over thirty-five years of experience publishing news-analysis, research, financial product development. His specialty is the Elliott Wave approach to profiting from the financial markets. He shares his knowledge of Technical Analysis freely at WaveTimes for the benefit of all those who seek his special and different perspective on the markets.

Ramki is an internationally renowned Elliott Wave Specialist who has shared his views with thousands of traders for over 30 years. His unique approach to the financial markets has won him recognition from every corner of the world.

Top traders from major money center banks and hedge fund managers have been seeking Ramki’s advice since the mid 1980s. See the Raves section for some examples!

WaveTimes is a project close to his heart and he aims to teach all that he knows to the members of this community.

Ramki has authored two books, Five Waves to Financial Freedom: Learn Elliott Waves, and Dividend Growth Investing Using Elliott Waves: The Practical Approach to Better Yields .

His views help thousands of readers from around the world to learn how to make better trading decisions. His WaveTimes Blog serves as a living book, filled with numerous real-life examples of Elliott Waves.

This is the logo of the site. It is a picture of blue waves. It represents the wave-like motion of asset prices. Ralph Nelson Elliott, the original proponent of the Elliott Wave Principle, had discovered that all freely traded asset prices tend to move in an eight-wave cycle, five waves up and three waves down. As WaveTimes uses Elliott Wave Principle to analyze financial asset prices, it has chosen a picture of waves for its logo.

Contact us

Dear Reader, if you have questions, suggestions, or feedback, you can contact us at these emails

Email:  Ramki @ wavetimes {dot} com / wavetimes {dot} member[at] gmail {dot} com

Address:  L-601, Mantri Espana, Kariyammana Agrahara, Bellandur, Bangalore 560103 INDIA

Note:  We do not offer any kind of investment advice. Neither do we work with content writers from marketing agencies. Kindly do not send guest post requests, link exchange requests, sponsored posts, or advertising requests. We will not respond to such messages.