An easy 100 pips in EURUSD via Elliott Waves

As kids, we have heard fables of how our poor young hero saw a gleaming diamond on his way to the school and that made him rich. Sometimes, the markets are like that. They offer us real gems for the picking, and all we need to do is to be alert.

Take, for example, the EURUSD. There was no question about the making of a diagonal triangle, and we know what happens when a diagonal triangle appears in a C wave position. Yes, the price will come off swiftly. You too could have traded this with very low risk to your capital. (As you know, WaveTimes is all about teaching you how to give yourself an edge in the markets).

Let us quickly look at the charts now. Study it carefully, and learn the lesson for the next time! Also, if you care about giving back to wavetimes, download this document from here, and share it with all your friends. (or just pass them the link!). See you next time.

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    1. Hi Fiscal, I would have posted it earlier if (a) I had seen this chart earlier and (b) if I had the time. As you probably know from the “about” page on top, I run the treasury dealing room of a bank, and wavetimes is just a hobby, something I write out of a passion for sharing what I know. Wavetimes is a place where you come to learn Elliott waves. I am currently not offering any trading advice. Best wishes.

  1. Hello Ramki,
    I live here in the other side of the Globe the nowadays “hot” Brazil!
    I get in touch with your work and I´m liking it a lot, beside I bought your book.
    Let me introduce myself I have more then 35 years in the Financial markets and in the last couple of years I´m dedicating to take care of my personal positions.
    Last year I launched a blog which the main propose is to help people to invest their money. It´s in Portuguese but you can Google it to translate, if you want.
    In the last 10 years I´m a user of Elliot Waves and I love it.
    The reason of my contact is to ask about the Euro, I read your remarks about a month ago and, you expected the single currency to go up. Did you change your mind, or this remarks of today is a short term trade?

    1. Hi David, It is wonderful that you chose to write. Yes. I shelved my idea of immediate strength in the EUR about a month ago. Please read the chart posted in wavetimes on 4 April when the euro was around 1.3250 or so that I was looking for a dip below 1.3000. That also happened. Today i once again posted an hourly chart. Usually these intraday charts are good for short term trading. I looked at your blog in my iPad, but need to go back to the desktop to see a proper translation. As you and I share the passion of sharing what we know with our friends around the world, I am happy to be aquatinted with you. With best wishes. Ramki

  2. sir I really urge you to give some short term analysis on 1 of the currency pairs and commodity like gold on a regular basis. May be you can arrange through somebody or some site. it is the need of the day for traders like us.

  3. Hi Ramki,

    thank you for your post.
    Still trying to understand, and learn how to predict what’s coming next.
    Does the ABC triangle move up imply we’re in a complex correction of wave 2 of C that is suppose to take Euro much lower?

    You remember there was the possibility of a C up prior to that (136xx or so), or the C up could come after the triangle we’ve just seen?


  4. Hi Ramki

    There is a reasonable EW deduction based on how the market has performed (hindsight) (and its been really difficult) that the Elliott wave that could take place end of January (approx) is going to be big. (9-11mnths) And then after that move its going to go ballistic in the opposite direction. I remain cryptic because I dont want to jinx the market. Are u going to retire after this?
    I am talking about the Euro Market. Talk about jinxing the market. Your posting on Forbes (Euro) must make u sweat a bit especially when u get it “wrong” (and no-one actually gets it)

    1. Hi Trevor, fair disclosure, I have no positions in any market as I like to relax while on hols. The Forbes article ? You mean the one on MarketWatch? No Trevor. I don’t sweat for two reasons. First, I always have an affordable stop and an acceptable position size. Second, what I write is analysis that gives us a trading edge, not a guaranteed profit! Cheers.

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