Another trade that made over 30% for members

My approach to the financial markets is to be patient until the right opportunity comes along. Here is the most recent trade for members in India that made them more than 30%.

On 20 February, I sent out an email to all members who had at least 1 unit in their account about a stock that trades in the F&O segment, indicating that I will be with them for the first 8%, but there  is lot more room on the upside Here are some of the charts.

The stock we traded was SUN TV. At the time I sent the email notification to active members, SUN TV was trading around 696. Today, on 21 April 2017, SUN TV stock is trading at 928. That is over 30% on the Cash market in about 8 weeks. You can compute what the annualized return is for that trade.


SUN TV posted a Wave 2 low around 315


That rally in SUN TV from Rs.312 is deemed to be just the first wave of a third wave! A minor wave 2 was posted at the 50% retracement



Witness the power of the third wave of the third, in SUN TV



When there is conviction, we pull the trigger!



That is the power of Elliott Waves when used properly!


  • sanjeev

    hi ramki, this is great. as always.


  • Malik Imran

    Nice shot!!

  • sanjeev

    hi ramki please help me in this that which chart type is best for elliott wave analysis , line bar or candle stick. and we should consider few months or few years back old data to find significant low point for wave counting. will that be ok if we get the significant low back 10 or even 15 years .

    thanks in advance.

    • Ramki Ramakrishnan

      Sanjeev, I use the simple bar chart. The time frame you choose will depend on the cycle you choose to trade. If you are an investor, you will not be looking at the 5 minute chart for instance

  • Sudeep

    Hi, Ramki
    I want to learn Ellott wave. Can I have your book in pdf format.


    • Ramki Ramakrishnan

      Hi Sundeep, Sorry, The book is only available with and you can read it on your PC/Laptop or any other mobile device.

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