EURUSD update as we approach target

The EUR/USD is approaching the target mentioned a few days back. Take a look at the attached chart. Wave C of the irregular correction is in the final extended 5th wave, and the 100% level comes bang on at the 1.3535 area. Failure there will see a very fast paced sell off initially to 1.3365, but in the bigger picture, it could come a long way down.

Update on 29 August 2019:

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Elliott Wave update EUR/USD Euro

Wave analysis is as much a work of art as science! It is constantly a work in progress. Yet we can get some very useful clues by spending some time with the charts. Take the Euro for example. We are at sort of cross roads. Are we going to rally all the way to 1.3600, or are we going to fail around 1.2850 and come off towards 1.17? My guess is the latter. Take a look.