Damani buys 2.75% stake in India Cements

Ramki's Training Program

If you look back at some of the trades that have been recommended to the members of the exclusive club of WaveTimes, you will see that the stocks have rallied magnificently. With India Cements, the stock has commenced the rally upon completion of wave 5, and is it any surprise that the Damani family wants to own it down here! See https://tinyurl.com/Indiacements

The methods that I use to find and trade setups like these are all explained in my books, and in much greater detail in my online course. If you have been postponing that decision to enroll, act now! It is never too late to invest in yourself, and what you learn will pay back several fold over your lifetime!




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    1. Aditya, The course teaches you how to use Elliott Wave analysis to trade. The first few modules teaches the theory. Then I use case studies to discuss how to actually trade the market as it unfolds. There is no table of contents. So if you have read the book, you know the contents. What you need to ask yourself is do you know HOW to USE that knowledge? If you feel you need some help there, then the course will be useful. In the final analysis, you make money by taking risks. How you identify a low risk trade and/or how you will control the risk is what makes one successful. The course does NOT teach you how to predict the future!

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