Elliott Wave Analysis of Agility – A Kuwait Stock

You might be inclined to pass up on reading this post because Agility is not a stock you are even remotely interested in! But there is a lesson here for every Elliott Wave enthusiast. So take the couple of minutes and quickly see what the charts show you.

After a precipitous decline from over 3000, the stock is finally in what appears to be a fifth wave within a fifth. Already we have seen the third wave extend in the bigger picture. And within the fifth wave also, there is an extending third. So I am hoping that the pain investors in Agility are experiencing is in its final throes. I have quoted Samuel Taylor Coleridge! Sometimes you get these flashes of old memories! I read ST Coleridge for my English Literature Major some 30 years ago!! And all of a sudden, his words can be put into proper context here, in Wave Time. Enjoy! – Ramki

Author: Ramki Ramakrishnan
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  • Deepak

    Dear Sir,
    This stock had gone from 500 to 3200 then there should be correction in the form of A-B-C.But I m not able to understand that u have give 5 waves of correction.Pls guide me on this ( are those waves in corrective wave A ??? , if yes then Ok).

    • Deepak, that is an excellent question. I have no idea if we are approaching the end of wave A. I can visualize the end of a fifth wave approaching. So I get ready for clues to buy. As repeated so often in this blog, (and also in my book), our goal is to make money. Not to be proved that we are brilliant wave labellers.

  • Ganesh

    Nice comment Ramki…. the actual purpose of the traders and analyst is to find ways to make money… rather count or patterns…

    I see the correction may be supports (A-B-C)W-X-Y pattern… Now may be time for tracement tgt… to bank it….. on both counts…

  • zaid ahmed

    sir, in the fromation of wave 4 above wave b is extended above wave a does not this violate any rule

  • amin

    We appreciate if you can update the Kuwait stock charts

  • mishal habib

    hello any update over kuwait indices!

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