Elliott Wave Analysis of Citigroup

Elliott Wave analysis of Citigroup
Elliott Wave analysis of Citigroup
This post gives you Elliott Wave analysis of Citigroup [NYSE:C]. It is not easy to deal with corrections, and labelling the waves becomes a challenge. For example, the first ABC higher had a running flat inside it. But you can see that Wave C was equal to Wave A. Observe how I am following all the rules of the Elliott Wave Principle. All B waves, minor b waves and even (b) waves are made up of 3 sub waves. Again, all C waves are made up of 5 waves. You will also notice how I am deciding whether to label a move as a third wave or a C wave. (the implication is profound, because when you label a wave as a C wave, you are expecting the major trend to reassert itself soon).
As you are aware, the WaveTimes is not offering any advisory service. It is there to share my knowledge of Elliott Waves and once you learn how to deal with the makets, you are able to make your own decisions with confidence. My book Five Waves to Financial Freedom is often known as a living book, because this blog is an extension of that book. After you read that, you will be able to look at the hundreds and hundreds of real life examples here and reinforce your understanding. Best wishes. Ramki


  • Raj

    Thanks for sharing your count. For C to go to $18 from $34 (50% correction) almost feels like saying that S&P would go below 1,000. Is that your count on S&P?

  • Jatinderpal S Randhawa

    Please comment on S&P and Dow charts.
    Thanks In Advance.

  • Ramesh

    Ramki : Is it a Double ZigZag pattern ?

  • sc110786

    Hello Ramki,

    Since wave 4 has now crossed over in to wave 1 territory, how does your original outlook change ? Could the 5th wave have already occured and it was truncated ? Please share any thoughts you may have. Thanks.

    • Hi SC, Labelling this complex correction has been a challenge fom the beginning. However there is on good thing. Now we can watch the top of wave (a) from the recent lows as the crucial support instead of wave i of the minor five waves up….

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