Elliott Wave Analysis of EMAR Dubai

Elliott Wave Analysis of EMAR Dubai is more challenging than some other stocks because Emar has been moving  sideways for a while. This bellwether stock of the UAE still looks a bit soft to me and think we could get a dip as part of a B wave before the next rally can materialize. So plan your trades accordingly. It is never easy to trade in the middle of a complex correction, but once the current wave ‘c’ of the B wave is finished, we will get a strong recovery towards 5 AED.

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  1. dear sir, i havent heard from you on your latest elliott wave count for sensex with charts for quite some time, can you pls update us on that. thankyou.

  2. hi sir. i m big fan of yours. i follow ur site regularly…i cant tell u how much i appreciate ur calls..i myself have started learning elliot wave but i m confused as ppl are divided on opinion that 2009 rally wave b of grand wave 2 correction and this on going correction is c wave of that 2nd wave which wil take us below march low OR a wave 1 of new bull market and this ongoing correction is wave 2 of a bull market …it would be really helpful if u can throw some light on it …..

  3. Hi Kamlesh. My first advice is don’t read too many people. There are potentially as many counts there as there are analysts, at least in the minor waves. If your goal is to become an analyst,then start with a good text book and use this blog as a live reference. If you wish to be a trader or investor, seeking to make money from the market, then reading too many people and analysing their analysis leads you nowhere near the riches that you seek.

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