1. Dear Ramki

    Another timely update from you, many thanks

    How do we determine Major wave and sub wave within. I would have labelled Wave I and Wave II & would not have thought of sub wave 1/2/3 if not for your post. In addition what is your thought on end of Wave V (green label)


    1. Hi Umesh, When dealing with a real-time market, all wave counts are tentative. We trade our counts. We know our critical levels and our stops. Those who come up with correct wave counts all the time are arm-chair analysts. The purpose of labels is to remind us where we are in our current paradigm.

  2. Hi, Ramki
    Thanks for the recent article on Marketwatch. Gold chart worked out as you predicted. Wave 4 ended at $1485, final fifth wave of the third of wave C ended at $1180 and now “complex fourth wave of a higher degree”.
    Will you elaborate more on what is this “higher degree” wave?

    1. HI Abhay, I don’t have one because I haven’t spent time on it! But maybe I will post something, now that you have made me curious about what is happening there! But no promises.

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