Elliott Wave Analysis of Gold

Hi folks. I just wanted you to know that if you are not reading the comments appearing on the side of this blog you might be missing out on some valuable insights. For example, I have discussed something on Gold today. I will try to figure out a way for you to subscribe to these comments, so that if anything is updated there, you can get a copy of it in your inbox, or RSS feed.


  • Patt

    Thanks Ramki. I just know you provide RSS. I already added your feed to my RssReader software on my windows xp. It will pop up your feed as soon as you post new posts.

  • raulin

    Hi Ramki
    Can’t see what you written on gold but bet you poiting out possible ending diagonal. Can you look at $Nikkei weeklies and dailies and $usd/jpy. I can see potentially very bullish counts on these but cannot figure out if we we now in wave 5 down in Nikkei or the low is in.

  • dear sir as i just wanted to know is there any significant relation with fibonanci number in wave principle to determine that all impulse & correction wave should be related with fibonanci numbers if so how should we figure out the target of wave 3 & wave 5 with the help of fibonanci

    • Hi Ajay, The Fibonacci series is useful in projecting possible end points of both corrective and impulse waves, and is computed by relating it to prior movement. However, be aware that fib. analysis is only a part of wave analysis, and not the other way around. One needs to master the wave theory in its entirety, and use fib analysis as a useful adjunct

  • srinu

    i cant see ur comment on gold of ur 7 th april , how can i see it please tell me sir, or how can i subcribe ur comments?

    • Hi Srinu, please scroll through the comments related to updates on Gold and you will see my discussion. I hope to offer a feed for comments soon.

      • miro

        Hi Ramki,

        i also can’t find your comments –
        i simply dont know what ‘section/part’ of our site i should look into.
        Do you really need to keep several sections?
        Could you keep all in one place (ie keep all gold under one gold section)
        i dont see a piont in putting info in several different spots/’links’/”right side Recent Comments”/etc


        • Hello Miro, Welcome to wavetimes! I know that the analysis is often confusing, but didn’t realize that I could compound the difficulty with the comment not being traceable…I myself am not able to locate it because the reader who asked the question has posted it under some other asset class. So my apologies to all who searched in vain. To make up, I will post a full update on Gold very soon.

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