Elliott Wave Analysis of Karachi Stock Index

Elliott Wave Analysis can be applied on any well traded market, and that includes the Karachi Stock Index. There are two main indices in Pakistan. One is the KSE30, which I believe comprises of the leading shares. The broader KSE100 index is defined by Wikipedia as follows: Karachi Stock Exchange 100 Index (KSE-100 Index) is a stock index acting as a benchmark to compare prices on the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) over a period. In determining representative compaines to compute the index on, companies with the highest market capitalization are selected. However, to ensure full market representation, the company with the highest market capitalization from each sector is also included.

In today’s Elliott Wave update, I am presenting you with the analysis of the KSE100 index. As always, a picture is worth a thousand words. Pertinent Elliott wave comments and wave counts are given on the Elliott Wave chart itself. Remember an important lesson that I have oft repeated in these posts, as well as in my replies to many comments., any analysis is the first step towards making sensible trading decisions. Before you actually risk real money in the markets, you should wait for the right kind of set up that increases the odds for your success significantly. Elliott Waves give you the tools to do that. All the best.

Karachi Stock Index KSE100
Karachi Stock Index KSE100
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  1. Dear Ramki Sir,

    I have been following your posts regularly and they have been very useful. Thanks very much. I greatly appreciate your work.
    I would like to use the Thomson Reuters charts you are using. Can you please share the Thomson Reuters link from where I can subscribe to these charts.

  2. The count doesn’t seem correct.
    0-2 is piercing through 3. It shouldn’t even touch.
    The larger Red 1 should end where (i) marked in blue is mentioned and larger Red 2 should be placed at the right side of (ii)-blue.
    Going by that, KSE30 is still in larger Red 3.
    Would love to mark the sub-divisions if i could get the levels/data.

  3. Ramki,
    Why don’t you publish any criticism about your analysis??
    If you are good and you think you’re correct, what scares you?
    My comments on this chart were based on merit. I hoped to have a healthy discussion on the same.
    Sorry if it bothered you.

    1. Piyush, Thank you for posting. I dont post my analysis for praise, and anyone is welcome to criticize it if it helps them. This blog is completely free, and has used up many valuable hours of free time. I have always published constructive criticism and I have never deleted any of my wrong calls.

  4. Dear Sir ,
    Kindly have a look at my Eliot Wave count of MCX Nickel , If u can spare some time .

    Thanks & Regards
    Abhay Mehrotra

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