Elliott Wave Analysis of KFH, NBK, Zain – Kuwait stocks

Its been a long time since I looked at Kuwaiti stocks, and just yesterday the index has fallen to a new seven-year low! As most players in this market know, Zain and NBK are considered as bellwether stocks. Kuwait Finance House, or KFH, is another popular stock that many people own.

Elliott Wave Analysis of these three Kuwait stocks, KFH, NBK and Zain are presented here for my friends in Kuwait.

Author: Ramki Ramakrishnan
35+ years of market experience shared on Wavetimes. It can change the way you trade, FOREVER. Check it out. I am the author of "Five Waves to Financial Freedom", one of the best-selling Elliott Wave books on Amazon. An international investment banker, treasury manager and adviser to hedge funds FIs and HNIs from around the world.

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  • K P Ganesh

    Hello Mr. Ramki. Though I don’t trade in any of these markets the insight you have provided through these charts is immensely enriching. Just one question. In the last chart of NBK, you say a close below 1073 will probably trigger many a stops. Are the open interests and put-call ratios good indicators to know concentration of trade orders at a particular price, which act both as support as well as stop loss prices?

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