1. HI Kald, Back in July 2011, I had called for a decline to atleast 5960 from the tehn current level of 6400. It has been as low as 5800, if the charts are correct (assuming no bad tics). I think we will continue to remain under pressure, and so any recovery to 6200/6250 (if you are lucky) should be used to get out of stale positions. We will go down some more from here.

  1. Thank you very much Mr. Ramki wonderful on your analysis, but I have a question numbering is manual or wave a notation program? I hope you update the new chart to the Saudi market ..

    1. Hello Adnan, It is manual. I don’t believe a software can get us an accurate ‘feel’ for the waves. The methodolgy I use is explained in the forthcoming book

  2. Thank you Mr. Ramki and wait for your book soon, I hope you update the chart to the Saudi market and the SABIC these days, thank you again

  3. could you please update the analysis of saudi index TASI
    as per your last update

    what you expect was happend exactly .. the index tested 5900

    you mentioned that the side ways movement . now there is a new bull wave

    so if you please look for the saudi index TASI
    im confused a little bit , the new wave is it new wave 1
    or C wave and its will end around 7400 ??
    please see this link and i put my number on it .


    question :-

    wave five of three can be three waves not five waves ? see the link


    thank you very much

  4. I was suggested this website by my cousin. You are amazing! Thanks! your article about Elliott Wave Analysis of Saudi Index TASI. Best Regards Cindy

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