Elliott Wave Analysis of Swiss Franc USD/CHF

The last time I wrote my Elliott Wave Analysis of Swiss Franc or USD/CHF was back in 2008. Guess that was a long-enough break!
If you are trading the USD/CHF, or if you are a corporation exposed to the Swiss Franc’s exchange rate movements, then this post could prove useful to you. As always, there is more information on the charts than in this commentary box. So go ahead, and enjoy! Share it with your friends.

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  1. Hi Ramki,

    Do you think we have ended the 5th wave of usdchf (or any other chf pair like eurchf and gbpchf) that we saw more than 1000pip movement in just a week and henceafter whole retracement immediately. I am assuming that the pair has bottomed and we are going to see atleast 2yr-3yr uptrend in usdchf (and eurchf, gbpchf as well) . What do you reckon?

    As always, its a pleasure seeking the foresight from you 🙂


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