Elliott Wave Analysis of Tata Power

Back in January I had done some Elliott Wave analysis of Tata Power (TATAPOWER.NS) for my own use, and had planned to buy the stock on a dip to 101.65. See the first chart. The actual low came in at 102.15 and the stock rallied.

Today I revisited my watc list and figured out what happened.
Take a look at the second chart. If I was watching the Indian market every day, then I would have revised my counts as shown here, and captured the entire fifth wave. So clearly, if you learn my techniques, you too could profit from Elliott Wave analysis. Tata Power is just one of the stocks.


  • Stani

    Hello Ramki!
    Thank you for this analysis!
    Could you clarify how you got those buy levels (101,65 and new one around 97)? I tried to apply fibo ratios – didn’t really work. Should one use minor waves’ reflex points first to define most relevant resistance levels?
    Best regards,

  • Alok Surana

    Dear Sir,

    Please update Nifty analysis weekly basis, If you have any subscription system then i willing to join that.

    Alok Surana

    • Hi Alok, at present I am not offering any subscription service. Its all free and as I cover a variety of markets/ instruments, nifty will come up every now and then

  • abhinavjain

    i dont think we all are smart enough so that we could make profit from elliott wave analysis thats why we all wait for your update….and you are earning lonely………

  • shafaat

    sir when we see ur post about oil and gold………..

  • Sanjeev

    Hi Ramki,

    Today stock has touch 97.6 in intraday, so is it a good level to buy?
    Or as you suggested in your book, we should wait for stock to pass reflex point on the way up?


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