Elliott Wave Analysis of USD/CHF (Swiss Franc)

Ramki’s Elliott Wave Analysis of USD/CHF(Swiss Franc) appears on Marketwatch today.He explains
-How Elliott Wave analysis uses Fibonacci ratios
-How far did the third wave go in USD/CHF?
-How corrective waves alternate in complexity
-How to anticipate potential end points for the fifth wave
-What to expect now for USD/CHF

Go ahead and check out how you can use Elliott Wave Analysis to become a better trader!

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  1. Hi Ramki
    this is a real good analys.
    It is astonishing that it correlates with one of the best FX trader of the world who told me his oppinion on the E/$ to go up to 1.27xxx and then down very deeply. That would correlate with your points in $/CHF 0.9425 – 0.9335 and then an extending fifth wave up.

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    Santosh !

  3. I went through your page and did not see any Elliott wave analysis, could not find not one chart it is all talk, where are the charts with the Elliott wave ananlysis ?

    1. Hello Allan, if you look at the end of the MaketWatch article on USDCHF, there is a link that will take you to the charts. If it doesn’t show up, can you try looking at the page via another browser? Let me know if you still have a problem..

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