Elliott Wave Comments on Silver

Ramki shares his Elliott Wave analysis of Silver via this video on YouTube


  • ankur

    A very nice analysis, will be interesting to see how the volatile silver market plays out. I like this video format of your analysis. BTW, you should be able to embed the video on your blog.

  • Mohamad

    Thanks Mr Ramki.
    Can you give an analysis for SBUX.

  • salil

    Thanks for a video.

  • nadir236

    great video mr. ramki. do you think its possible for this pattern to be a large triangle? after all it is wave 4. i don’t follow silver – central banks don’t accumulate silver! – but here is my long term chart i just created… if wave 5 extends 100% of waves 0-3 silver should reach 71.75 [(49.75-4.04) + 26.04]… i used 26.04 as wave 4 but it could be higher at wave e (not completed yet). let’s see what happens if silver go crazy parabolic…. (49.75 – 4.04) * 4.618 + 26.04 = 237.13

    note: wave c in the triangle cannot be the shortest. so wave d must be shorter.


  • naveed mazhar

    could not see the video on youtube ,can you post it on some different page

  • Aadam Aryan

    Hello Ramki,

    Which chart software package do you use?

  • Heiko

    Hi Ramki,
    not sure if I understood correctly – are we in an impulsive wave 1 Up now until 36ish and then follows wave 2 down to correct wave 1?


  • Karuna Kanagaratnam


    Nice presentation on youtube.


  • Rick

    Hi Ramki,

    Thank you for taking the time to post your analysis of silver on YouTube. It was very helpful to see you go through the steps of breaking down the waves. I have also read your book Five Waves To Financial Freedom a couple of times and continue to refer back to it frequently. It is by far one of the best, most helpful books I’ve read on Elliott Wave. Going back to your analysis of Silver, just want to confirm that as it appears now, the completion of the current C wave will in turn complete the X wave of a Double Zig Zag and from that point we can expect the start of another Zig Zag correction, with A down, B up, and finally C down. Correct?

    Thank you again for taking the time.


  • BK

    Could some be so kind as to sum up Ramki’s view on silver, being in Pakistan we can’t access youtube which has been blocked by the Govt due to the “Innocence of Muslims” trailer.

    Can not access even through a proxy server.

      • Nadir, Thank you for posting this link. I was considering uploading teh whole piece again, but you saved me time and effort,.

        • nadir236

          no problem, glad to be of help. i wanted to understand your point of view so i marked the waves from your video on your chart. i found after copying the first zigzag correction and pasting it at wave x the 2nd zigzag moves into price territory of wave 1 (21 something). i know market may not go that deep but what you are suggesting for double zigzag requires market to create deep wave 4 correction. i don’t feel this realistic at this time. a triangle in elliott wave is available so why complicate matters? thanks


          • Nadir and Rick, by now you would be familiar with my approach to using Elliott waves to the markets. I anticipate the direction and key turn levels. Am not so concerned how a complex correction will develop. Usually it is unsafe to stay with a complex correction for too long. So our trades have to reflect this approach. Else everything becomes academic and wavetimes is different from the others in not being academic.

  • JohnB

    Hello. Thanks for this very interesting analysis.
    Targets are quite clear but what about the stop loss. As you used to say, trading without stop loss is just gambling… Does the Elliott waves method give some indications about how to determine the stop loss ?
    Thanks !

  • abhi


    I did go long at 33.15. But like John B, am confused about the stop loss. Is there a technical support level which if broken would suggest closing the position?


  • rajesh

    we may have completed an irregular flat…so wait for breakout above 35.44 in wave 5…………..stoploss below 32.57….ramkiji am i correct?

    • nadir236

      why is everyone thinking small….? you will never retire trading for 1 or 2 points. you should just rollover your contract when its close to expiry until silver is trading 70s. do not trade! set your stoploss at 21 and go away… make sure you have enough margin for a worse case scenario drop near 22. if not, decrease number of contracts

      • HI Nadir, There are different approaches to the market, and your approach may not suit a majority of people. For example, I use Elliott Waves to choose a low risk level to enter. If it fails, I am out with a small loss. If it works, I make enough money to cover several small losses.

  • Viplav

    Respected Sir,
    I went through video couple of times.
    It may sound silly, but I am little confused, at one point in time while you were displaying weekly chart, in corrective mode after applying ABC corrective wave, you talked about “X” wave but you gave label “A” again.
    I want to ask you, in complex correction, it is not necessary to give label “X” after one correction is over. If answer is NO than what makes us decide that we should not label “X” and apply directly another set of correction. What rules do we have to follow?
    I hope, you have understood my query, request you to kindly clarify.
    Thanks & regards

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