The Elliott Wave Course – How to Profit from Elliott Waves

Ramki's online Elliott Wave Educational Program

Ramki’s much awaited online Elliott Wave Course  ” How to Profit from Elliott Waves ” in the real market is now LIVE! You can learn all about his latest contribution to Elliott Wave Education at his new website .

Briefly, there are over 15 hours of high-definition videos. The first three hours provide the introduction to the course. Even a beginner to Elliott Waves will find it easy to learn from, and understand the concepts. Then comes the meat of the program, the case-studies. Over here, you will see current and real-life examples of how Ramki makes his trading decisions. He points out what mistakes people do in the counting. Importantly,  in this educational course, he teaches you how to adapt to the market as it develops, and how to use Elliott Waves to position yourself advantageously. Here are the list of topics covered till April 2021.

Most other online educational programs on Elliott Waves that are currently available merely repeat content available in standard textbooks. But Ramki’s original style of thinking and his unique approach to the market is there for you to see and learn from! Your trading decisions will never be the same again. Whereas his ever-popular book “Five Waves to Financial Freedom” teaches you the theory in an easy to understand language,   this online educational course takes you to an all-new level of understanding because of its practical orientation. It empowers you to profit from Elliott Waves rather than merely giving you the ability to label waves on moves that have been completed.

Don’t take our word for this. But listen to some of the glowing reviews paid by current students of this course from around the world.

Ramki's online Elliott Wave Educational Program

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    1. Yashvinder, Thank you for writing. Whatever I have to say appears on . The course offers over 10 hours of video and attempts to share with you what I consider as salient points to make you a better trader or investor. All the best.

  1. Dear Ramki SIr,
    I had read your Five waves to financial freedom book and its wonderful.
    I tried to practice but i am facing issues, so i am thinking to join your online course.
    I just wanted to know how its different from your book, whats extra in it that we can get ??
    Aditya W.

  2. I read your book and its really fantastic
    I am a great fan of Elliot and many a times get astonished with its results

    While am quite interested in doing your course, wanted to know few things:
    1. there are so many fib ratios and calculations for each wave for each structure that I get totally lost sometimes. I bought some book to refer some cheat notes but it was not that a great read. Will your course give some handy notes which we can refer forever later?
    2. Is there any matrix or cheat sheets which can help Sir? of course part of your course
    3. is there any support in learning that you provide during the course?
    4. how is QnA taken care of for this

    Any answers to these would be helpful

    Once again, you have written a master piece Sir


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