1. I wish to receive your views – concerning the strongest world market
    for equity investment at this time. I track the US, but wondered about
    your views toward say. India, China, Viet Nam, or even Singapore.

    Each of these countries, I mentioned – is probably in a Major decline,
    or Bear market – Shanghia index is been difficult at best, for years.

    Your thinking would be welcome.


    1. Hi Bud, thank you or writing. Shanghai has at least another 8% down. I updated on Taiwan recently. Am still bearish for India, nd definitely so for the US. Once we see a tentative bottom in place, you could start investing at several levels, even if it means buying a market that is moving higher.

  2. Hello Mr. Ramki. The picture of NZDUSD has changed to much since you posted your forecast and as I am a elliot novice , Iā€™m very confused so, do you count recent highs on 07.05.12 as wave 4 or as wave B?

    Thank you very much.

  3. sir by when do u see uptrend resuming on eurusd and do u analyse eurjpy and how important is it for equity markets specially for brics and do u have a targt for the rally when uptrend in eur usd resumes ?

    1. Hi Anish, I will look for an uptrend ( at least in the medium term) when the fifth wave of the current down move ends. Although one could apply Ewp on the crosses quite effectively I haven’t had the time to look at that chart recently. The other question about brics is more fundamental is nature.

    1. Hi Gianluca, I suppose you are thinking the stock has come down from around $88 to under $8, so it should be CHEAP! If you have spare cash, spend it on a holiday for the family rather than buying this stock anytime soon.

  4. Hi Ramki
    Looking like you may be right with you count on SPX, with a double zigzag. Another question from you book please

    The chapter on zigzags, kindle location 607 I quote “once you spot the completion of waves A and B you will compute 100% 138.2% and 161.8% projections. Once wave C…”

    My question is. To compute the projections for C, do you mean the distance A travelled times 100%, 138.2% etc?

    Many thanks for your reply. I eagerly await your next book. Having followed EWI for 2 years your book has switched on the EW light for me, and my trading account shows this success. I thank you

    Kind regards
    Steve from New Zealand

    1. Hi Steeve,
      Thank you for pointing out a sentence that could have been explained better! Yes, you are right. The projection for wave C relates to 100%, 138.2% and 161.8% of the distance tarvelled by Wave A, and you should arrive at the target for Wave C by using the result from the end of wave B. When this target matches approximately with what you get by computing the 5th wave of the C using its internal wave measures, then there is a very good chance for success.
      I am glad to hear that your trading results have been positively impacted after reading this book. PLease do share that info with your friends so that we can build our club wider still!

  5. Hi Ramki,

    Your elliott wave analysis on the EURUSD has been great. I would love to get your view on the long term picture for the EURUSD (like your analysis on the S&P 500).

    Do you think we will see an A-B-C correction of the five wave downmove in the EURUSD?



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