Elliott Wave update for New Zealand Dollar

Considering my Elliott Wave update for New Zealand Dollar posted on 4 December 2011 was quite long, I will keep this very brief. Thank you Paul, and RKG for keeping a watchful eye on the Kiwi. For those who wish to learn something from this post, I suggest a revisit to the old post and read it carefully. You will see how one could have anticipated a move of over 8%. Of course, trading that move would have required fine-tuning the entry levels carefully, but knowing before hand where the Kiwi was headed would be a tremendous advantage, especially for the corporate treasurer who has to hedge his currency exposures. Feel free to share this with your freinds, and get them to join our club.Cheers.

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  1. Good day Ramki

    Kindly forward the special update sent to those who had purchased the book.
    I purchased your book on Amazon on the 9th FEB 2011.
    Order #: D01-6548209-
    I trust this meets with your approval.
    Kind Regards, Roger

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