Elliott Waves: Apple is a classic example for case study


  • sc110786

    Hello Ramki,

    Thank you for this analysis. Your GOOG analysis has been right as well. Can you answer one question for me which I couldn’t find in your book ? How do you measure let’s say wave 1 when the 5th wave of wave 1 is truncated ? Do you take it all the way to top of wave 3 of wave 1 or do you take it to top of truncated wave 5 of wave 1. I want to accurately get the fib retracement of wave 2 and want to make sure my wave 1 measurement is done correctly. Thanks for your time.

  • sc110786

    Great. Thanks for your reply.

  • Pooja

    Hi Mr Ramki I am trying to figure out whether aapl is in wave 4 expanded flat correction that’s completing wave c or it’s the wave 4 or wave 5 that we are currently in.Till now I felt like we were in expanded flat correction on weekly chart but then realized that an ending diagonal was forming so trying to figure out how to be sure what is what. Also when is your next book coming out looking forward to reading it. Thank you.

  • Pooja

    Thank you Mr Ramki for posting. Now if we are in the situation where we have 3 alternates how do we figure out which one is most probable. Is there any technical indicator that can be used?

    • Hi Pooja, of course there are means to figure out if the end is approaching as we trade close to any of these targets. Look at the internal waves of the current leg, for example. Perhaps I will see you in some seminars!

      • Pooja

        I would love to attend your seminar but I am not a trader by profession so dont think i will know about the seminars. I am just so amazed by Elliot wave that I would like to use it in the future. But do you plan to do some online paid webinars that anyone in the world can attend.

  • Dinesh

    Am sure many others, and me look forward to this.

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