Elliott Waves Suggest Twitter Pullback To $55

Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) has made some fantastic gains since its IPO in November. What is the outlook for Twitter? Has Elliott Waves been effective in trading this stock? Answers for these questions are found in my latest post in Forbes. Check it out.


  • Mahesh

    It is fascinating how stocks even in this day and age, where a majority of the trading happens through automated systems, follow the mass psychology rules laid down by the Elliott Wave theory. Your explanation of the twitter chart is very clear and useful. Thank-you for sharing.

  • vijay venkataswamy

    Hi Ramki,
    One interesting which I observed while going through charts ( After reading your FWTFF book ) , is that if we overlay the Ichimoku indicator on the chart, then the 1 3 5 points are above the Kijun-Sen moving average and points 2 and 4 are below that. I have seen this in several charts.
    However this may not be true on all cases. Your views please

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