1. Ramki,
    Thanks very much for these charts. Very informative.
    I was following the Euro during this period, but couldn’t make sense of the moves. Now with hindsight it looks logical. More practice for me!

  2. You EW count really fascinating………. only straight only side count….. i love to see people who has confident in their EW count and you have a very good —– timing the price action of the market……

    I am still learning about EW…… glad i am touch with your blog 🙂

  3. Great set of wave charts as tutorial materials for anyone wanting a practical example on how to use Wave theory combined with Fibonacci sequences and golden ratios to set up targets. Guess all one needs to do to be a successful trader is to control his emotions. A tricky aspect that.

  4. I wish you had done this analysis from 1.493 high. That would have given us the true nature of the downtrend, or the nature of 4th wave of a larger uptrend.

    Tough times I suppose. Lost some in the last month. And I have been on the sidelines since then as I didn’t like what I saw.

    Waiting for some confirmation. Thanks, as always!


  5. Hello Sir,

    Very much informative for the beginners to get practice in wave, as i am new to elliot wave.

    Thanks for posting your ideas, which helps for the newcomers to learn wave.


  6. Must say a great knowledge about EW. Their are very less people who have such a great idea on EW. Thanks for the post Ramki

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