Get ready to buy Reliance Industries

On 3rd November I warned you to get out of your Reliance Industries holdings near 1480. (see the post here.) I think the stock will bottom out between 855 and 905. However, being small investors, we should start buying from Rs 925. Sure, a lot of bad news could still come from India. But at this level, Reliance will be a great buy for the medium term.

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  • guru

    Excellent call as always!!

    Reliance is a bellweather stock – another 200 rupee move (or 20% downmove) in the stock’s price also means the Sensex moves atleast 12-15 percent. Would this mean INR (indian rupee) also weakens alongside the slide in sensex. The correlation between INR and Sensex is fairly high lately. TIA – guru

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