How Elliott Wave helped us make over 16% in 6 weeks

This blog exists to help you learn and apply the Elliott Wave techniques that I practice. Many consider it as an extension of the Elliott Wave book “Five Waves to Financial Freedom“.  I post some of the trades that members of the WaveTimes exclusive club have participated in, solely with the intention of helping you look at yet another real-life example of what could be achieved if we patiently wait for a proper set up.

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Astrazeneca dipped to our buy zone and rallied by over 16%
This chart shows Astrazeneca dipped to our buy zone

Astrazeneca approached the 50% retracement level

Many members prefer to use the consulting option at WaveTimes before they make large investment or trading decisions.

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  • yogesh

    Respected Sir,
    I learnt a lot from your blog.
    Thank you for this analysis.
    I saw triangle at start after abc correction was over.To me nowdays its very difficult to handle these triangles sometime they look in 3-3-3-3-3 sometime they look 5-3-5-3-5..Ijust want to know anykind of triangle appear at wave1 & wave5 or there is any fix trangle appears at these positions .If possible give me simple way to mark it.

    • Ramki Ramakrishnan

      Yogesh, I suggest that you read a good book on Elliott Waves and that should cover the subject of (diagonal)triangles at wave 1 and wave 5 positions

  • narayan singh

    thanks sir!!
    this is the first sentence I wud like to say to you….I hve learnt a lot from u and ur book.
    but still there is onething which is not clear….a normal wave 1 or normal wave 3///how can we determine a normal wave with its internal subwave…sir plzzz…give provide us a chart on it…so that we can learn more from you…
    thank you sir

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