1. Dear Ramki: good day. I request a little favor. I have had a purchase at Amazon Store of your Kindle e-Book termed “5 Waves to Financial Freedom” at US$ 9.90; but do you have a Hard-Copy of this e-book. I will pay for your help. Sincerely LordGrados

    1. Hi Luis, Thank you for writing. There have been several such requests, and I am investigating the best way to make this happen. It could take a few months, but I will announce it on WaveTimes.

  2. Hi Ramki

    I’ve bought your book a few months ago and, honestly, it was one of the most interesting books I ever read about technical analysis.

    Thanks for such state-of-art book.

    I’ll be following your posts, like the last one, by the way, it is very interesting.

    Sometimes I get some doubts about corrections and so on, may I send an e-mail to you?

    And congratulations for such great post.


    1. Hi Leonardo, Thank you. You should write your questions on the blog under the relevant post. I will try and respond depending on whether I have the time. Good luck with your learning.

  3. I am short from 1.2593 now almost at 1.2265 last print .

    Still stop at 1.2295 to catch the last run

    This is power of your analysis

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