How to trade Apple in light of the dividend news?

Read the full article in Market Watch, a Wall Street Journal publication.


  • MR

    Dear Mr.Ramakrishnan,

    The analysis was very interesting. I have read Prechters books but applying them is not easy. I hope to have better luck with your book. I am planning on using PCLN, a stock that I am following, as a test of my understanding. It would be interesting to see your take on this stock.


  • Metin

    Hi Sir,
    I am from Turkey, and trading with IMKB100
    But now, EW analysis is very diffucult
    I think, only you can do EW analysis for IMKB100

    Thank you..

    • Hi Metin, Thanks. I will try…

    • Ted


      EW analysis takes time. It also takes practice. I like Ramki’s book a lot, and have also written a Primer on EW with my coach proof-reading (I can email it to you). But the real key is practice, practice, practice and more practice (with a coach). I’m now competent, but not expert.

  • Ziz

    Hi sir,
    First of all i would like to appreciate all the work you are doing to help new traders. There are no other places where we could get that much help i think.
    I am also looking forward for IMKB100 analysis if that is possible.


  • Lumir

    Hello Ramki,could you please kindly update your natural gas analysis? With thanks, L.

  • Mawani

    Any chance of “Dow Jones Industrial Average” & “NASDAQ-100” analysis ?

  • Khalid

    Dear Ramki,

    I do first congratulate you for the high repetition you gained and well deserved.

    Regarding Apple from an Elliott wave perspective for me tomorrow is the day we should see a start of a rewardable decline after it completed with the NASDAQ today its wave count when at the same time NASDAQ hit it’s channel that started in 2002

    Have a great day

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