How to use Elliott Waves Bank Nifty Expiration Example

For quite some time now, readers of the WaveTimes blog, as well as members of the Exclusive Club of WaveTimes have been asking for an Elliott Wave workshop that is available online. In order to make such a course, a great deal effort is required. Just like the “Five Waves to Financial Freedom” book, the course needs to be of very high quality, easy to understand, and offer considerable value for money. I thought , okay, let me record a test video, just to see how it turns out. The video below does not seek to teach you the concepts in detail, but it is certainly a good example of how to use Elliott Waves in Bank Nifty on its expiration day. I request readers to offer their valuable feedback, including what you would like to see covered in the course. You may post your comments either in this blog, or on Twitter. If you would rather give me a private feedback, please feel free to drop me a line. Thanks and best wishes. Ramki

Here is the link for the sample video:


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  1. HI Ramki,

    Ever since i bought your books years ago, I have been wanting to attend your seminar however either due to location constraint or some other engagement, i have not been able to participate.

    Webinar is an excellent way to connect with remote audiences. Plus you can spread the entire content over several sessions maybe over the weekends. A very common example is the MOOC platforms like Coursera.

    I eagerly look forward to hearing from you.

    Warm Regards
    Arun Goel

    1. Arun, Thank you for your valuable feedback. I am busy until end of January 2019 after which will spend more time preparing for the online offering.

  2. hi sir i have read your book its very easy to understand but when ever i apply Elliott wave in practical it goes wrong. I can’t judge whether down trend has completed or it will resume. i can’t judge correction correctly please guide me how to know which correction is in place whether complex simple or double

    1. Ravi, Learning the EWP is the first step. Applying it to the markets will require a further effort.Read the many examples in this free blog for reference, or try and attend one of my occasional seminars. Good luck.

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