Lets Wave Goodbye to Steeve Jobs

I share the sorrow of countless fans of Steeve Jobs (RIP).
This Elliott Wave Analysis of Apple is our way of paying tribute to an icon.


  • RainMaker

    “Death is very likely the single best invention of Life.
    It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.”
    Steve Jobs

    Price discounts everything ?
    Start of a complex possibly large correction coincides. Was this sad event foreseen in the price ?

    • Rainmaker, no. EWP does not anticipate events, but irrespective of the events that unfold, the price action would have a tendency to follow the waves. So whether the news is good or bad, when a 3rd wave is finished, we will get a 4th wave.

  • Aniruddha

    Apple just as its founding father, Steve Jobs, has performed when all other around it were falling apart. Its the sign of true champions.

    And equally fitting tribute to a champion.



    Hi Ramki !
    In the chart of APPLE ( confused ) wave 1 taking almost 10 yrs and moving from $12 to $ 200 ( $180). Wave 2 coming to $80. Wave 1(3) touching $280 ( almost $200) and wave 3(3) from $ 200 to $ 360 ?
    Secondly wave 1 taking 10 yrs and wave 3 not even 3 yrs to complete??
    can u explain, pls???

    • Hello Lucky, It is typical for wave 3 to cover its ground is a shorter time span than wave 1. However, your observation about wave 3 of III is valid for an altogether different reason. The third wave within a third wave should be the most powerful move. However, by looking at the chart it appears that this was not so. Wave 1 within wave 3 seems to be more powerful. So perhaps my labeling of the minor waves inside wave III is incorrect. But the bigger picture is unchanged.

  • […] Elliott Wave analysis of Apple stock was posted in WaveTimes on 5th October, when we paid our tribute to the late Steeve Jobs. I remembered that post when I saw some rumors that Apple was asking for its production of iPads to be slowed down. The charts that you see here seems to vindicate the belief that there is considerable value in using Elliott Wave Principle for our investment and trading decisions. Take a look. […]

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