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Meet Ramki

Hi there! I am Ramki, the Elliott Wave specialist behind this website! I am so happy you’re here!

This is a picture of Ramki with a parrot on his arm

About Me and My Family

I was born in Tanjore, a small town in South India, a place that is famous for its imposing Temple. Growing up mostly in Madras, which is now known as Chennai, I went to St.Bede’s Anglo Indian School, run by some dedicated Christian missionaries. There I learnt the importance of honesty, kindness and being a good human being. But my amazing classmates also taught me to aspire for greater things in life. So, from very humble beginnings, I managed to achieve several of my life dreams. Luck played a role too!

I met my wife in 1984 and we have been married ever since! We have two children, grown up now of course, and we all spent 27 years in foreign countries. But my wife and I have settled down in Bangalore, a bustling city with a fantastic climate.

About WaveTimes

I have been writing my Elliott Wave commentary since the 1980s, but until 2008, the posts were addressed primarily to Foreign Exchange Dealers in the wholesale interbank market. These comments had a global following, and I am proud to say that there have been many a times when the market moved because some follower of mine dealt a humongous position.

I particularly remember a day when the Central Bank of Iran dumped a few hundred million of Dollar/Yen and the market went crazy. I know of this because their dealers were on the telex with me, asking for my views, and when I said it is time to sell, they asked me for a price and sold a large amount to me! And that was the first tranche, because my bank’s limits for that Central Bank was only so much, and they did the rest with many other counter parties around the world.

At another time, the traders from Bank of America in the US called me to say their thanks because after speaking to me, the whole trading floor went in that direction and they made a pile of money. They were so pleased with that trade that they wanted me to buy and sell back to them a large amount to make me show some profits! The FX community of those days were very close, and friends always looked out for each other.

Coming back to WaveTimes, I decided to move my comments to the internet and in 2008 I started writing on other asset classes as well. Soon, my circle of influence expanded to commodity markets and then to equity markets. The journey continues to this day. But I made some mistakes with the blog. Being busy with my own career, I never spent time learning how to manage the WordPress, or even do a proper SEO. Sometimes I moved from one theme to another and messed up the links. But the core work remains, and I hope to clean it up over time.

My Background

For the young and aspiring traders I do have some life stories to share. We will save that until the time when you meet me for coffee some day!

I have a degree in Economics and a masters in English Literature. I also obtained a masters in Marketing Management from FMS Delhi. Along the way I picked up professional qualifications in International Banking and Treasury Management.

I have spent most of my career in the dealing rooms of major international banks, and in my last corporate role, I had responsibility to run the entire dealing room business. Long story short, the posts that you may read in this website reflect decades-long firsthand experience in the financial markets, and I am happy to share that knowledge freely with you.

Keeping in touch

If you have any questions or just want to say hello, please write to me at Ramki @ wavetimes . com
I would reply to you at the earliest! You can also keep in touch with me through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. But please don’t ask me to validate your own analysis. I will never get to sleep then!
Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I wish you the very best in your search for financial freedom.